Is there a distinction when it comes to mentoring?

Hopefully not, or we have been doing it wrong for the past 25 years.

Typically when we are working with client organizations, we find that, in reality, we are mentoring individuals. Though some service providers make a clear distinction between corporate and personal mentoring, we have never found that approach to be particularly helpful.

The fact that the lines are blurred, should probably come as no surprise. Bear in mind that the key decision makers in an organization – in effect the senior management – are ultimately responsible for future direction and performance.

Helping shape strategies that are designed to grow an organization is often more about personal development than anything else. Invariably it comes down to being able to draw on the mix of skills that can confidently deliver an informed vision, sound planning, well-executed management, and ultimately, a good performance. At the end of the day, organizational performance is no more that the sum of the parts played by many individuals.

It is something worth bearing in mind when you start giving thought to the next big challenge for your organization. Perhaps the real question is, “what is the next big thing for me and am I up to the challenge?”